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Training Academy

Our award winning Training Academy was opened in Coalisland in March 2021 and since opening its doors, has trained over 700 people and delivered over 3000 courses, including our Apprenticeship programme.

Recognising in 2020 the need for specialist telecoms training in Northern Ireland, Viberoptix established its own training academy in the local area, supporting and training people new to the industry to become experts and specialists. The training academy now provides training to our client, sub-contractors and other external parties.

Such has been the success of the Viberoptix Training Academy, we are replicating this idea at our site in Penrith, opening in 2023.


How the training academy can help you

Whether you are new to telecoms or a seasoned professional, there are courses available to suit everyone. Our courses are designed to meet PIA requirements and to deliver the highest standard of training to enable attendees to produce high quality work.


First Class Training

Our Training Academy delivers high quality courses, ensuring you are equipped to perform your job to the best of your ability.



We pride ourselves in helping people reach their potential and our Apprenticeship programme is just one example of that.



We support our people in their personal and professional development.


Career Growth

Viberoptix are proud of being able to nurture and grow our people to be able to excel in their careers.

What others have to say


“From being new to telecoms, to progressing through to a management role, the training academy has provided excellent training both to myself and my team and enabled my development in Viberoptix.”



“I started in Viberoptix as an Apprentice and through the training I received, I have been able to develop a career in the telecoms industry – something I never thought would be possible with my previous experience.”



“The training I have received has been first-class. I have went from an Operative to a Supervisor within 18 months. I would recommend the Viberoptix Training Academy to anyone!”



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